Bachoco's Culture

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Bachoco's Culture

At Bachoco, we have precepts that guide our daily work towards developing projects that help us increase the quality of Mexican nutrition.

Our Vision:

To be the leading multi-protein food company in Mexico and around the world, focusing on the nourishing the population and providing best-in-class service to our clients by leveraging quality, sustainability, and excellence in everything we do. 

Our Mission:

Always offer fresh, nutritious, delicious, and healthy products, increasing the quality of the food we offer our consumers 

Our Values:

  • Integrity. I act with integrity because my behavior makes me respectable, both inside and outside Bachoco.
  • Trust. I am reliable because my actions and my word are a guarantee that I will honor the commitments that I make.
  • Common Good. My performance is based on respect for dignity and the common good, valuing these more than the individual good.
  • Austerity. I safeguard the company’s assets and resources, avoiding any unnecessary and meaningless use of them. Innovation. I strive to develop and promote new and innovative alternatives and procedures to meet the needs of my internal and external clients.
  • Efficiency. I am efficient when I generate and drive results that are equal to or higher than those expected of me by my colleagues, taking full advantage of the company´s resources.
  • Service. I act with a customer service attitude when I provide opportune, efficient, kind, and respectful support to our internal and external clients